How Entrepreneurs with a Big Message Make a Big Impact

If you’re like most purposeful entrepreneurs I know, you’re looking for a way to get your message out in a bigger way and be seen as the expert you are. Sometimes it feels like a slog, building up your credibility and expanding your reach. Figure out how to tap into the power of the media, and watch your…

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Publicity for coaches: How to up your credibility & visibility

If you’re a coach or expert who has thought about working with print, broadcast or online media to help you get your story and message out in a bigger way, or you’ve dabbled with PR but felt like a fish out of water, I talk about how purpose-driven entrepreneurs can approach the media like a…

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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Get High-Quality Publicity in One Hour, One Day or One Week

I thumbed through my copy of SUCCESS Magazine the other day when I saw eighth-grader Lily DeBell’s sweet smiling face and her all-natural, handmade dancewear for young dancers. Wow. If a 13-year-old entrepreneur can make it into SUCCESS, why can’t I? Why can’t my clients? WE CAN! Sometimes I feel about marketing the way I…

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3 Critical Questions to Help Entrepreneurs Create a Story that Magnetizes Your Audience

Entrepreneurs often tell me that they know they need to tell the story of why they do what they do, they just don’t know where to start. So if you’re feeling blocked around your story, here are three critical questions to answer that will help you break through and get started with your story. What…

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How to Write a Year's Worth of Quality Blog Posts in Minutes

Many of the coaches I know and work with tell me that it takes them forever to write a blog post. I have to admit, even though I’m a writer, sometimes that happens to me too. Even worse, I have a bad habit of editing as I write, which often prevents me from creating more…

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One Simple Oversight that Keeps You Begging for Clients

What is one simple oversight that keeps purpose-driven coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors at any level begging for visibility and clients? They don’t use PUBLICITY. And when I say publicity I don’t mean getting attention for the sake of attention. I’m not talking about publicity stunts, I’m talking about working with publications, TV, radio and…

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How to Get Great Clients & Become a Signature Story Rockstar

One of the best strategies for purpose-driven coaches, experts and entrepreneurs to quickly establish credibility, get known, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace is to share your signature story, your own personal account of who you are and why you do what you do. When you present your story with authenticity and credibility, you captivate…

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How to get busy changing lives by sharing your signature story

A health coach recently said to me “I don’t know if my business is ever going to be what I imagined it would be.” She wants to generate more leads. She wants to enroll clients faster. And she’s tired of people mistaking her for her mentor. Who can identify and relate to that? (My hand…

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How to 2x (or more) your list & skyrocket your visibility

A 6-figure coaching colleague of mine has a well-oiled marketing funnel and system. She’s speaking, hosting events, converting subscribers into clients, doing joint ventures and filling her programs. So I was a little surprised when she said “but I still feel like I’m not reaching enough people.” She’s serious about getting her message out in…

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3 Essential Questions You Must Ask (& Answer) for More Ease & Profits in Your Coaching Business

My sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Straube had a wise-cracking catch phrase that I’ll never forget and has unexpectedly served me well in my business. “Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?” I’ve learned that these three questions are more than just a way to get sixth-graders to stop their tomfoolery. In fact, these…

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