3 Essential Questions You Must Ask (& Answer) for More Ease & Profits in Your Coaching Business

My sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Straube had a wise-cracking catch phrase that I’ll never forget and has unexpectedly served me well in my business. “Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?” I’ve learned that these three questions are more than just a way to get sixth-graders to stop their tomfoolery. In fact, these…

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How You Can Easily Get Free Publicity for Your Coaching, Consulting Business Today

People have been sharing their secret dreams with me lately. You know those dreams that you think to yourself – wow, it would be so amazing if I . . . Hosted my own TV show Wrote my own newspaper column Got my products or business featured in the local news Landed on the cover…

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Why are You a Coach (Please Be Specific)?

Why did you start your own business? This is one of my favorite questions I ask coaches, business owners & entrepreneurs. Not a single person has told me “I’m in it for the money.” People have told me they started their own businesses for freedom and flexibility. They’ve told me they want to motivate and…

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How to Be JV Sexy Even If You Have a Small List

Now I know what it means to mastermind. Like-minded achievers + a hot topic + one expert facilitator = FIREWORKS. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into the Embassy Suites in Baltimore last week for my very first mastermind experience. If you’ve never done a mastermind and you have the opportunity –…

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This is Why Some Independent Financial Professionals Struggle While Others Get Hired Again & Again

How did you get your last client? Let me guess. It’s someone that a client referred to you. Am I right? If you’re in finance, you know the power of referrals, so I’m not dissing here. You definitely want to nurture that pipeline. But can we admit that relying on referrals is limiting and leaving…

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4 Simple Tips to Turn Your Sales Conversations from Transactions to Transformations

I had a Texas Hold ‘Em moment in my business last week. It was a moment when I realized I had put together a pretty good hand and I felt like I just needed one more card to win the jackpot. There was just this one piece – call it my ace – that was…

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7 sizzling signature talk elements that attract clients like wildfire

If you’d met me two years ago and mentioned the words “signature talk”, I would’ve cocked my head to the side and said “what’s that?” That’s because in my corporate and agency days, my world was filled with proposals, pitches and presentations. We’d gather up the team in a conference room or on a conference…

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How to Win Business with Story

I’ll never forget the first time I lead a pitch for new business. It was back in my agency days. A $250,000 public relations contract was at stake, and the agency partners were hot to rekindle the flame with this international brand and former client. The good news? We had two weeks to prepare. The…

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Winner Spotlight on Barbara Briguglio: Turning diet disaster into health coach success

After a 48-year quest for the perfect weight and body, Barbara Briguglio decided to ditch the diets and heal her relationship with food. She soon discovered that the more she healed herself, the more she wanted to help other people achieve their health goals without dieting. As a holistic health coach and owner of Be…

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Networking: 3 storytelling skills that turn awkward into awesome

I was surrounded by people and completely alone. It was my first networking event in a new job and I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know what to say or to whom. EEEEKKKK!! Thank goodness for Susan. She sat down beside me, took genuine interest in me and eventually turned my panic…

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