Are You Making This Mistake at the Start of Your Story?

After doing four back-to-back story workshops in two months, I realized that entrepreneurs get just how valuable story can be for their businesses. No one needs convincing. And yet many of the coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs I talk with often feel like their stories don’t pack quite the punch they want. What I’ve found…

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Get Hired for Their Story

A wise person once said . . . “If you’re a coach, consultant or entrepreneur you’re specifically being hired for your story. Your ability to attract the right opportunities and deepen your impact is all about getting your story straight.” If you’re still working on getting your story straight, you’re going to want to check out…

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How to Connect Heart to Heart With Your Audience

The whole point of coaches sharing your personal story is to connect emotionally with your audience. In order to know what story and what parts of the story to share with your audience, you need to get crystal clear about your message to them FIRST. Here’s just one exercise from my Get It Done! Transformational…

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How to Conquer 6 Crippling Fears That Keep You From Telling Your Story & Making More Money

Why aren’t you telling your story? Fear #1 – Maybe it’s because you think it doesn’t matter (it does). Fear #2 – Maybe it’s because you’re worried it will offend someone (it will sometimes & that’s OK). Fear #3 – Maybe it’s because you’ve got a story that you know you MUST tell but the…

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Warning: Don’t Let This Happen to Your Personal Brand Story

There’s a personal brand story pattern I’ve noticed with some small business consultants and coaches. I work with them to get their brand story out and down on paper. They spend the time, money and energy to explain they WHY behind what they do. We even put together a plan to get that story working…

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Want press coverage? Think like a journalist, not a coach or consultant

When I was reporter, the pressure was always on to find a great story. I also had my typical beats, which were town news and schools. I had to check out the police and fire reports. I had to cover town council and school committee meetings. And I had to turn in stories every day.…

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You're Elevator Pitch Sounds Goofy (Here's How to Sound Like the Real & Outstanding You)

Entrepreneurs have been asking me lately how to introduce themselves and their businesses. Essentially, how to deliver an elevator pitch without rambling or clamming up while sounding like the REAL you. I break it down for you in today’s video and I challenge you to try it on for size. There’s an optional element — The Call to…

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When you don't want to tell your story (& what to do about it)

I didn’t want to tell it. There I was in front of 50 woman, standing on a dark stage because the lights had eerily gone out moments before. As I began to tell my story . . . alone, in the dark, completely exposed, I felt just like the child and young woman I was speaking…

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5 Overlooked Ways Great Entrepreneurs Get More Clients With Story

When your audience is bombarded with nearly 5,000 marketing messages, 250 ads and hundreds of email every day, it can feel nearly impossible to get them to pay attention to you, never mind open their wallets and buy from you. The secret to silencing all the noise and turning yourself into client catnip? Tell a great story.…

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What Dating & Business Has Taught Me About Value, Clients & Commitment

A wise and successful entrepreneur once told me “The value that you believe you have is what your price tag is.” Looking back on my single years, I see now that I dated lots of guys who didn’t value me. They talked a good game and somehow convinced me (or got me to convince myself) that…

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