Is your revenue model killing you?

When Elise Grice ended up in the hospital with the West Nile virus, she and her partner Scott were three years into growing their successful branding studio Hey Sweet Pea in Austin, TX. That’s when the couple and biz partners finally admitted that despite their growth and success, their dollars-for-hours revenue model was killing them…

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Successful Women Are Unlikable? Really?!

WARNING: Cuss words inside It’s high time we put the “bitch in the boardroom” stereotype to bed. According to many high-profile voices (Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Sheryl Sandberg & Hillary Clinton to name a few), if you’re a successful woman, people don’t like you. But if you’re a man, well, it’s game on. Look, I’m…

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Resist "The Drift" on Your Coaching or Consulting Business (Part 2)

As promised in my last post, here’s my guidance and an action plan to help you make 2017 your best year yet. It all starts with focusing on the next 90 days and applying these six steps so you can implement and get results quickly. Let’s do this! Decide what you want I know this sounds simple but it’s also a…

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Resist "The Drift" on Your Coaching or Consulting Business (Part 1)

If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to think about how you can simplify, leverage and work smarter as we cruise into another new year. I’ll get to that in a moment. But first, a story . . . Years ago, I went on a white water rafting trip with some buddies up in…

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How Savvy Coaches & Consultants Find Clients

Ever notice how we entrepreneurs talk in code about our real problems? For example, the most common question I get from other business owners is “how do I find clients?” If you’ve ever asked that question then you know there’s more lurking between the lines than the words coming out of your mouth. So let’s…

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Enough With "Playing Small"

If you’re a coach you’ve most likely encouraged clients to play a bigger game, & you’ve likely received the same piece of advice. I’m all for pushing your boundaries & comfort zones, but I’m fed up with “playing small” being treated like a red-headed step-child. So does “playing small” has a place & a purpose in your life…

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Reconnect to the Emotion In Your Story

😀 😢 😠 😟 If you saw my last post about how to tell a better story, you know that the first step is to go deeper emotionally (if not, check it out here). Why? Because people love to be moved by story. We all like to imagine ourselves in situations that challenge us and provide us…

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How to Tell a Better Story for Emerging Coaches & Consultants

If you’ve been in business a few years, you may be asking yourself . . . How do I tell a better story? The kind of story that leads you to the next level in your business and your life. One thing I noticed as I worked intimately with several women entrepreneurs over the summer on their…

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Are You Making This Mistake at the Start of Your Story?

After doing four back-to-back story workshops in two months, I realized that entrepreneurs get just how valuable story can be for their businesses. No one needs convincing. And yet many of the coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs I talk with often feel like their stories don’t pack quite the punch they want. What I’ve found…

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Get Hired for Their Story

A wise person once said . . . “If you’re a coach, consultant or entrepreneur you’re specifically being hired for your story. Your ability to attract the right opportunities and deepen your impact is all about getting your story straight.” If you’re still working on getting your story straight, you’re going to want to check out…

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