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Freedom Series: How to Use a Study to Get Leads & Sales for Your Small Business

Freedom Series Video #2: Create & Promote a Study Welcome to the next video in the Freedom Series, where I’m sharing ideas, strategies and tips on how you can uncover the hidden freedom and revenue in your business (if you missed the first video, you can watch it here). One way to keep your momentum and still…

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Freedom Series: How to find the hidden freedom & cash in your small business

Freedom Series Video #1: Quick Cash Strategy for Small Business Owners Welcome to the Freedom Series, where I’ll be sharing ideas, strategies and tips on how you can uncover the hidden freedom and revenue in your business. If you’re planning to take some time off this summer or you’ve just gotten back from a vacation, watch…

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6 Surprising Business Lessons You Need to Know

It was a cold, dark night in 2013. I was sitting with my husband Greg on the couch, half asking him if, and half telling him that, it was time to start my own business.   We had two baby girls enrolled in daycare, three mortgages on two pieces of property and one of the…

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When did your small business change?

Let’s do something fun and engaging to celebrate small business owners during #nationalsmallbusinessweek (April 29-May 5). Small business owners like us are the backbone of our economy. So I’d love to hear your stories about the shifts and revelations that have most impacted your small business. The first time I remember my business significantly changing…

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How Business Owners Can Ask For Help Before a Personal Crisis Strikes

My sister in and I are in a dark ICU room. It’s 1 am New Year’s Day and we’ve been here since 1 pm the day before. Visitors have come and gone. I’ve made a series of calls to far off friends and family members. Our mother, who’s barely audible because of the bipap mask…

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Sick of Being Underpaid for Your Consulting Services? (Part 2)

As I mentioned in the previous post, getting paid $500 for $5000 worth of work stinks, especially when you’re a consultant or business owner with years of professional experience and top-notch expertise. In the end though, it’s really up to you to command what you’re worth.So if you’re a consultant who who’s ready to move from…

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Sick of Being Underpaid for Your Consulting Services? How to Fix It.

Part 1 of a two-part series Ever feel this way? The estimate I give doesn’t reflect the work I do. There’s nothing quite like getting paid $500 for $5000 worth of work to strip you of your confidence, make you resent the human race and drive you to do the unthinkable — looking for a…

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Client Kudos: How a Yoga Teacher is Making Mental Health Less Taboo

Mandy Given has one of those stories. Heart-wrenching. Courageous. Moving. Inspirational. TRANSFORMATIONAL. It’s no accident the fates brought us together. Mandy is a mom. She’s a business owner. And she’s a fearless messenger. When we met in the fall, she suspected that her story needed to be tightened up & positioned strategically. She also knew…

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Client Kudos: How One Interior Designer Uses Video Storytelling to Launch an Online Program (& You Can Too)

My client Peg Kusner created an incredible story video when she launched a new innovative interior design program last fall.  Play the video to see what I mean, then keep reading because I’m going to give you some tips on how you can do this too without going over the top with production (or your…

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Is your revenue model killing you?

When Elise Grice ended up in the hospital with the West Nile virus, she and her partner Scott were three years into growing their successful branding studio Hey Sweet Pea in Austin, TX. That’s when the couple and biz partners finally admitted that despite their growth and success, their dollars-for-hours revenue model was killing them…

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