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Ever get paid $500 for a $5000 job? (yep, me too!). If you’re a consultant or creative business owner, let’s get you high-quality clients who pay you what you’re worth. It all starts with owning your excellence, then translating that into a compelling story & a results-getting marketing game plan that’s aligned with YOU.


Small Business Owner

You’re marketing your business (sort of) but struggle to execute a consistent & effective strategy. You’re ready to focus your energy to get the best results in the least time. Secretly your message feels a bit stale & like the YOU from two years ago. Let’s make you current & compelling & your results more consistent.



Need a pinch hitter? If your team is maxed out, a key player is on leave, or you just landed a plumb client & you need to hire the specialist you said you’d bring on once the deal is sealed, let’s talk. I’m available for 3- or 6-month engagements on a limited basis to help CEOs & marketing executives of small & medium-sized companies deliver.

Available only for companies with revenues of $1 million or more

Are you ready to inspire, motivate & galvanize change?

To (finally) feel confident, and heard, when you communicate your ideas?

To be the powerful spokesperson, positive influencer and trustworthy leader deep down you KNOW you’re destined to be?

And, oh yeah, to actually get paid what you’re truly worth?


I’m Gayle Nowak.

The Phoenix Force behind achievement-motivated entrepreneurs.

My mission?

Turn your excellence into a cohesive story & marketing strategy so you work less, have a bigger impact & experience better result$! 



Would You Like Me To Personally Help You...

Land Better Clients, Get Paid What You’re Worth & Be More Productive (& Profitable)?

I have a limited number of complimentary consultations available each month. 

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Success Stories

Wendy Sabin

Wendy Sabin

Wealth Leadership Expert, CEO of

"You know how to make me sound as powerful and influential as I feel. I feel so confident about my point of view – even the controversial parts – that I delivered my message and story during a panel session in front of 900 conference attendees. I was calm, compelling and lined up follow up conversations with with people I may not have been able to access otherwise (including a high-level executive of a big corporation). I could never have done this without you."


Peg Kusner

Interior Designer,  Owner & Principal Designer of

"My business had been in the planning stage for far too long.  I just couldn’t get to “launch” until I met Gayle. She’s been my navigational beacon, keeping me clearly, but gently, focused and on-track.  Her ability to see through distractions and get to the heart of matters with laser-like focus is uncanny. She has a true gift for systems, working with me to create a step-by-step business & marketing plan to reach my goals. Thanks to Gayle, I’m confidently on track to growing the business of my dreams!"

Chris Booth

Chris Booth

Founder and Principal, Christopher J Booth Consulting

"After working for more than 30 years in industry and professional services, I excelled at meeting clients' needs but lost site of the kind of work I am passionate about. When I heard that Gayle could help me rediscover my story, our collaboration began immediately. Working with Gayle uncovered some long buried elements of who I am as a professional consultant and energized me to improve my focus on what I offer my clients, which clients I pursue and the marketing strategy behind it."

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