When you don’t want to tell your story (& what to do about it)

I didn’t want to tell it.

There I was in front of 50 woman, standing on a dark stage because the lights had eerily gone out moments before. As I began to tell my story . . . alone, in the dark, completely exposed, I felt just like the child and young woman I was speaking about. Small. Scared. Wanting to be anywhere but there.

Then, poof, the lights flashed back on . . . and I froze.

Alone, lights blaring, completely exposed.

I forgot what I wanted to say next so I didn’t say a word for what seemed like two cycles at a stop light (think very dramatic pause).

Life is going to throw curve balls at you. You will feel resistance around telling your story. First, know that this is NORMAL! Then check out the video for some powerful insights to help you tell it anyway.

What pieces of your story sometimes feel like a burden to you or (worse) your audience? Let us know in the comments so we can breakthrough that resistance once and for all. 

How to Get Great Clients & Become a Signature Story Rockstar

photo by  Christian Senger http://tinyurl.com/nu5yb2z

photo by Christian Senger http://tinyurl.com/nu5yb2z

One of the best strategies for purpose-driven coaches, experts and entrepreneurs to quickly establish credibility, get known, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace is to share your signature story, your own personal account of who you are and why you do what you do. When you present your story with authenticity and credibility, you captivate your audience and connect with them on a personal level so you can build trust and rapport quickly.

Here’s why . . .

People remember stories

Over time, you become well-known for your story. I can’t tell you how many times Fabienne Frederickson’s 3 AM sweats story comes up in conversation when I talk about stories with purpose-driven coaches and experts. And people refer to it exactly that way every single time. Fabienne’s 3 AM story. That’s not an accident. She’s become so good at sharing her story that people will remember and refer to it in just a few words like this. You don’t have to be Fabienne Frederickson to have the same thing happen for you.

People crave connection

The success of your business hinges on your ability to connect with the right people. We’re born to connect with each other. You connect with your family. You connect with your friends. That’s why it’s so important to connect with the people who you touch or who you want to touch with your business. There are lots of ways to engage, connect and build relationships but nothing works as quickly and effectively as a well-told signature story.

People want to know you’re credible AND human

One of the big mistakes I first made with my own signature story was focusing only on the vulnerability piece, which speaks to the hearts of your audience. I left out all the pieces that spoke to my credibility – covering gold medal coaches, Olympians and elite marathoners when I was a reporter . . . and getting a client on Oprah for Pete’s sake. For me, those credibility pieces actually made me feel more vulnerable than the vulnerability pieces. But I soon discovered that if I wanted to take my business to a new level, my marketing need to position me there.

Your credibility speaks to your audience’s mind. At first it felt like bragging to me, but soon I could see . . . these are the hooks that grab people’s attention and attract them to you. So what makes you credible? For you, it might means number of people served (my JV mentor Rich German has conducted more than 18,000 individual coaching sessions. Yes, 18,000!!!), certifications, people you’ve studied with, doing a TED Talk (like my Facebook friend and dynamo Michelle Vandepas), writing a book, coining a phrase, inventing something or some other juicy tidbit that positions you as a leader.

So credibility and vulnerability, head and heart . . . BOTH matter.

Here are two potent ways to easily share your signature story that have the potential to attract many prospects at once:


If you’re speaking, you must tell your story. If you’re not speaking, start . . . and take the opportunity to share your story. This could be speaking live or hosting a webinar or webshow. When you have the opportunity to take center stage, your story may be the very thing that transforms those listening to you from a captive audience to loyal paying customers. Sometimes even on the spot. One of my clients shared her story at a networking group. She was one of several speakers and even though there were speakers before and after her, people lined up after her talk to buy her product and sign up for complimentary sessions. And it was a short talk . . . she only had 10 minutes but she made sure her story was part of it. So whenever you have the opportunity to speak, make sure you share your story.

Your About Page

Another can’t-miss opportunity to engage and bond with people is on your website. Share your story on your about page. Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your website and people go to that page specifically to learn more about you. And If you want amp up your “know, like and trust factor” online even more . . . share your story as a video. People can see you. Hear you. Feel you. Your video story is almost as good as being live and it’s working for you even when you sleep!

Now you know why your story is so important, but perhaps you’re wondering

HOW am I going to find, create and monetize my own signature story so I can get great clients?

If you are a coach, consultant or entrepreneur on a mission who is fed up with chasing clients and you’re ready to BE KNOWN for the amazing work you do, I’d love to have you join us at my live Signature Story Rockstar Workshop. When you do, you’ll get the same proven system I use with my private clients for a fraction of what they invest. You’ll also get:

  • Intensive live coaching with me that includes exercises, writing and instant feedback in an intimate environment where you’ll have the space to see yourself in a powerful new light
  • Immediate strategies to monetize your signature story that will allow you to attract great clients the moment you walk out the door
  • Camaraderie and collaboration with entrepreneurs like you who are on a mission to change lives
  • Confidence and clarity about what makes you unique and special so you can stand out and achieve a distinct position in your field
  • Courage and inspiration to take on that project you’ve been dreaming about, step onto a bigger stage and to finally ask for what you’re truly worth

By the end of it all, you’ll have an irresistible signature story, the ability to get great clients and the confidence to step up your game. Spaces are limited

So check out the details for my upcoming Signature Story Rockstar Workshop.

If you’re ready to be a signature story rockstar and you need great clients like yesterday, don’t wait to sign up. I’m intentionally limiting space so you can have more access to me. There are only a few spots left.

Not telling your signature story? It’s normal to have some resistance around it, afterall, you’re getting personal in a very public way. What’s holding you back, and what’s one thing you can do today to get your powerful story to the people who need to hear it most? Leave us a comment below. Because knowing what’s causing that resistance is “half the battle” . . . so let’s break through it OK :).

7 sizzling signature talk elements that attract clients like wildfire

photo by kris krug

photo by kris krug

If you’d met me two years ago and mentioned the words “signature talk”, I would’ve cocked my head to the side and said “what’s that?”

That’s because in my corporate and agency days, my world was filled with proposals, pitches and presentations. We’d gather up the team in a conference room or on a conference call to discuss an opportunity and put a game plan together.

  • What would our theme be?
  • What approach would we take?
  • Who would produce what?
  • What deadlines did we need to hit?
  • How would we present the total package?

This is how we were marketing and selling our services. It’s fine to go about it this way, but I can tell you that it took lots of hours, lots of human resources and we were producing something different every time.

Sure, we recycled certain things, but as a marketing and sales tactic, it’s wasn’t the most efficient or cost-effective.

So when I discovered the concept of creating a signature talk, I was pretty excited.

What is a signature talk?

A signature talk is NOT a speech or sales presentation. It’s a business tool to attract clients. Your signature talk is your key business presentation that incorporates your core brand message, brand themes, point of view and story. It’s what you want to be known for, it’s a way to position yourself as an expert and it’s a method for selling your products and services. This a go-to tool in my own marketing toolbox that I use for building my list, launching programs and enrolling new clients.

You may tweak your talk slightly for a specific audience or occasion, but the idea is to create an on-brand talk that you can use over and over so you don’t have to create new content every time you speak. That’s what makes it “signature”.

How does a signature talk set you up for success?

When you have a signature talk, you’re positioned as the expert on that topic. You literally stand out in the room. People remember you. Having a signature talk:

  • Gives you more visibility
  • Grows your list
  • Gets your message out to more people
  • Provides an opportunity to introduce people to your products and services

And all these things will allow you to make more money in your business.

Having a talk will open up other opportunities for you too. I’ve had clients who were asked to be interviewed and invited to speak at other events after they gave their talks. A signature talk streamlines your marketing. You can use it in many different ways – from live events, teleclasses and telesummits to interviews and more.

What are the basic elements of a magnetic signature talk?

When it comes to crafting your talk, it’s not enough to just throw a bunch of words on a page. A successful signature talk, one that gets people lining up to speak with you and jumping out of their seats to get on your list or buy your products and programs, must include these key elements [Tweet This!]:

Your core beliefs – Why are you in business? Why do you care about sharing your message and your work?

Your expertise – Who are you? Who do you help? What results do you get? What makes you different from others in your field?

Your audience – Why should they care about your talk? What’s in it for them?

Your story – What was your journey? What personal transformation have you experienced and how can they get the same transformation without the same risk?

Valuable content – What 3-5 solutions can you give them that they can use right away to help them along their own journey?

ONE offer – What’s one thing they can do to get bigger and better results by working with you? Is it a free consultation? A product? A program? Pick one and use an incentive or limiter so people will be more likely to act in the moment.

Gratitude – Always thank and reward your audience for the time they’ve invested in listening to you! Bonuses, gifts and simply sticking around for questions after your talk goes a long way when it comes to building deeper rapport with your audience.

What about you? Do you have a signature talk bringing in clients and opportunities? And if you don’t have a talk yet, what’s stopping you?



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