Gayle’s Story

TSS Twitter Profile picWell, hello there.

Gayle, here: The Story Stylist. AKA the one who’s going to help you get your life-changing story, message and business out into the world.

If you’re purpose-driven entrepreneur who has experienced transformation and you’ve built a business that helps transforms others, it’s your story that matters most to me. Time and again, clients come to me with the stories they tell themselves. The stories that keep them small and fearful. Then we discover, together, that those weren’t the true stories after all. We connect the dots and see what’s meaningful, what’s powerful, what matters most to you and your audience. Because getting your story out, and telling it far and wide, sets you free to carry out your mission, make a massive impact and serve at your highest level.

Right about now, you might be wondering “What’s your story Gayle?”

Before I became known as The Story Stylist, I was a journalist and award-winning publicist. I’ve been digging for, reporting on and crafting irresistible stories for more than 20 years.

Stories that sell . . . whether it’s selling newspapers, services, programs or products. I’ve learned what will hook an audience and motivate them to willingly hand over their cold hard cash.

As a former journalist, I uncovered the extraordinary stories of seemingly ordinary people. As a PR executive, I told my clients’ stories to the media, landing them in the national news, resulting in millions of dollars in media exposure, huge visibility, massive growth in their programs and increased revenue. I’ve worked on media events featuring celebrity spokespeople including This Old House personality Steve Thomas, TV Anchor Jane Pauley (that’s us in the photo below) and American Idol finalist Kevin Covais to name a few. I even helped get a client on The Oprah Show (if you have time, check out this video to get more of that story).

with Jane Pauley

You know what my biggest take away was from these experiences?

It wasn’t seeing my name in print.

It wasn’t winning awards.

It wasn’t hanging out in the green room at HARPO studios (though that was incredibly cool).

It was the realization that everyone has a great story to tell and someone in the world is counting on you to tell it.

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I can’t wait to talk to you.

Happily Ever After,

The Official Bio

Gayle Nowak, founder & CEO of The Story Stylist, shows purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to get known and get clients by helping them craft and tell their story online, in person and in the media.

As a former journalist, Gayle has written hundreds of stories about “average Janes & Joes”, politicians and elite athletes. As an award-winning PR executive, she has landed clients on The Oprah Show, CBS Evening News, the Today Show, The New York Times and USA Today. She’s ran high profile PR campaigns for the states of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, landing them millions of dollars in national and local media coverage that helped grow participation in their energy efficiency programs from thousands of residents and businesses to millions. She also worked on numerous media events featuring celebrity spokespeople including This Old House personality Steve Thomas, TV anchor Jane Pauley and American Idol finalist Kevin Covais.

As The Story Stylist, Gayle has helped coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs get their message out in a bigger, more impactful way. Gayle thrives on helping her clients make sense of their message. As a result, her clients are able to triple their fess, make competitors irrelevant, attract high end clients and get major publicity.

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What’s Your Story?

So you know your audience and the press is desperately thirsty for your great story. You know you like what you’ve read so far.

But you’re thinking, “Hey, are we a good fit?”

Or even possibly, “Hey, do I really need this?”

I’m glad you asked.

People who get the best results from me are:

  • Coaches, consultants and leaders on a mission to improve people’s lives
  • Emerging or growing . . . You already have an online presence, clients and basic business systems in place (newbies looking for free resources are welcome to grab my Million-Dollar Signature Story Checklist, check out my blog or visit my Appearances page)
  • Serious about making a bigger impact and more money
  • Craving more eyes on your business, and ready to handle it (logistically and energetically)
  • Edgy, with a soft side too (it’s there, even if you don’t show it all the time)
  • Decisive and willing to take risks
  • Realistic and optimistic

I want to work with like-minded, people whose general ass-kicking-ness will combine with my marketing and publicity strategies to create drop-dead gorgeous results (tire-kickers, whiners, bullies, skeptics, excuse-lovers, chaos-creators and penny pinchers …peacefully keep on walkin’).

So if this sounds like a good fit and you’re ready to show up and reveal your magnificence to the world, then let’s talk! Set up a Complimentary Session with me today and learn how we can up level your business. And by up level?

I mean sky rocket.




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