Your story isn’t just your story; It’s your only hope

Consumers are emotional little devils and if you don’t tug at their heartstrings, you’ll never get close to their purse strings.

Stories have the power to take you from being just anyone, to being someone. They have the power to turn eye-glaze into being the next big craze. And most importantly, stories have the power to help your customers like, trust and know you–before they even do.

And when that happens? You didn’t just win someone’s attention, you’ve won their business. That’s where I come in.

I’m here to make sure that there’s someone (lots of someones, actually) that get to experience your gift, your message, your business.

A former reporter and award-winning publicist (and, oh yes, a fellow entrepreneur) I’ve honed the skill of getting to the heart of a story (yours, to be specific) and then turning that into gold. Cash. Money. Moola. You like money, right? That’s what I thought.

Get the business that your business deserves. Because one thing your competitors can never trump is your story.




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